PTSD Resolution helps ex-service men and women who have mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder, following service in the UK armed forces. The service is available to all veterans of the UK armed services, reservists and their dependents. 

PTSD Resolution is an independent charity that aims to work with the people other services do not reach or have not been able to help. They work in prisons, for example, and PTSD Resolution engages exclusively with Human Givens registered therapists, who are generally able to work with traumatised people who have alcohol and drug problems, provided they are able to engage in therapy.

The programme involves a series of one-hour therapy sessions on a one-to-one, out-patient basis, to relieve veterans of disabling symptoms. A single course of treatment is generally all that's required. 

For those clients who engage with the therapeutic process and meet their appointments the outcomes from PTSD Resolution are good, even when the trauma is long-standing and severe. 

PTSD Resolution treatment meets the special needs of veterans and reservists in that it can be carried out without the therapist or anyone else ever knowing about the events that caused the trauma. This ensures confidentiality, protects the patient from further distress, and protects therapists from hearing about large numbers of often extremely disturbing incidents. These are important safeguards.

John Bayley, at Human Givens Dorset, is a PTSD Resolution accredited therapist  and has experience of working with ex-service personnel and their families. If you feel that you would benefit from therapy; contact PTSD Resolution. 

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John Bayley HG. Dip. P MHGI